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Monday, January 24, 2011

Whats in my purse?

So I've decided to show you all what's in my purse! I've seen a few post about this before, and even some videos. I don't have time to do a video, so  pictures will have to do! 
With out further ado here it is..the contents of my purse:

Here is What my purse looks like! It's from bebe! 

 And here is what's inside! ok thanks for reading! lol just kidding! More pics are below! 

So I have a coach wallet, with credit cards and such. But no cash inside! =( 

I have my favorite! My makeup bag!! Its the Mac Hello Kitty bag! 

Inside my makeup bag, are makeup essentials of course! Pressed powder,Nyx blush, Sigma F84 brush, nameless powder brush (haha), eyeliners, lip balm, lash glue, eye drops...oh and haha, my phone charger adapter! 

Currently I have 2 lip glosses and one lipstick. The mac lip gloss and lipstick are from the Lady Gaga collection. And the NYX gloss is ballerina pink. Yup I like the color pink! 

Look! my Hello kitty pen!! yay! hehe

This is my cute little purse hanger! You attach it to the end of a table, it has a hook so that your purse can hang on right at the end of the table! No more sitting it on another chair, on the back of your chair, or even....on floor! 

And of course, my phone! Its the My touch 4g! love this phone! =)

I also have my car keys along with my work keys (work keys not pictured) 

Well I think that's about it...along with some loose coins! hehe Hope you enjoyed taking a peek inside my purse!! Thanks for reading!! 

Have a beautiful day! 

♥ Krystale ♥ 


Tracy@mybestbeautybuys said...

Fun post, love the hello kitty makeup bag!

Michelle said...

You really keep your bag clean! :) Last time I checked, I had chewed gum wrapped receipts in it! :))

Katrina said...

you pen is soo cute! goes with your make up bag :D

Erin said...

I love the mytouch 4g! although it's been lagging on me ): BOO!