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Monday, January 24, 2011

elf Makeup remover cleansing cloths

Hello all! I wanted to rave about my current favorite makeup remover cloths! 

I got these elf makeup remover cleansing cloths sometime last year, when they were having a half off sale. It normally only cost $3,  but heck at $1.50 I couldn't resist! So I purchased just one so that I could try it out. My first impression: wow these things are pretty good!!! 

It comes in a foil like packaging and the opening flap is plastic and clasps closed which helps keep them sealed in so they don't dry up. It's pretty much similar to Macs makeup remover cloths. There are 20 cloths in one package. I feel as though they should give you a bit more in the package, say maybe 30? But again, for $3 I can't really complain! lol 
These lovely pre moisturized cloths really do get off all your makeup. I do have to rub a little extra hard when it comes to my mascara, as I always wear water proof mascara. But with a little effort, it does comes off. They are even infused with aloe Vera extract to help moisturize your skin!

click to see larger view

The directions on the back suggest rinsing with warm water after use. I recommended this as well, or simply follow with your daily face wash routine.. These really don't leave your face feeling greasy, so if you don't rinse you will still be fine.

Over all I really do love these very much! I love them so much, the last time I ordered them, I order 3 packs of em! I am now on my last one and will diffidently be ordering more soon! Go check them out here
Be aware: last time I checked, they were sold out of them! That's just how popular they are! So hurry and get yours! You have no excuse! They only cost $3! 

Thanks for reading everyone! 

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Michelle said...

I wish the complete e.l.f. line would make itself available here in the Philippines! :(

MakeupSparkle said...

I love e.l.f.! Inexpensive, cruelty free, and high-quality. Great review! I love your blog :)

Tracy D said...

Love ELF, haven't tried these but I think I will, I love using these kinds of cloths for travelling!