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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Todays look

Hey all! Wanted to post my makeup look for today! But 1st.....
I just noticed that I mistakenly deleted all the comments all you lovely beauties left me! little did I realize that selecting all and deleting..was actually going to delete them from my post! I simply thought it was something similar to an inbox and I was deleting everything in my inbox. WRONG-O! lol Well lesson learned. =( Never again..unless something needs to be deleted. So go leave me comments again! haha just kidding!

Now on to the real reason for my post! .....So yesterday I did a little splurging at VS and got me sale items..and a bronzer! I had to force myself not to buy makeup..but I couldn't help but pick this up!

Forgot to flip the picture! opps! oh well it still works! lol So here is the swatch of the bronzer!

Pretty right?

And here is my look for today! I call it Honey comb! I don't know why, but it was the first thing that came to mind! hehe I have done similar looks before.

I used my UD substainable palette once again. Colors used: Half baked all over lid, twice baked on outter edge of eye, ydk on crease, uzi & midnight cowboy rides again to highlight on my brow bone. And all in that order pretty much too! lol

And I used my bronzer today too! You can't really tell though. I also used a light amount of my Nars Oasis blush.

For my lips I used VS lipstick in Whisper followed by Mac lipgelee in Resort Life.
The VS lipstick hardly shows on my skin tone, so I have to use a gloss with it. Something with a bit more color and sparkle to it!

The key to eyeshadow application: blend blend blend!! Get rid of harsh lines and edges! And when using white to highlight blend even more! lol So many people ask me how I do my makeup so good.... My answer: practice and blending! The more you do it the more you learn the better you get at it! And you can learn something new all the time! Take tips and advice from others! I love looking at pictures of certain makeup looks and trying to recreate them. And creating my own looks even more fun! I also like watching youtube tutorials! Which I need to get back into btw....haha I really slowed down and basically have stopped because my other laptop can't seem to handle the editing programs I've gotten. Guess there isn't enough room for it. And my lil baby computer can't really handle it either! I'm currently trying to edit a small video on my netbook using Windows Live movie maker, but its so slow! ugh...hopefully I can figure something out..but if not...oh wells.

Well as always..thanks for reading!! Hopefully my pictures weren't too small for you to see. They were all taken with my cell phone camera!

Leave me comments...I won't delete them this time! haha ;)


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