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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!! Rasta Makeup

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone has a wonderful blessed Christmas filled with family, friends, and love!
Ok so this look I did isn't christmas-y, but I wanted to post it because I really loved how it came out! Did it quite some time ago actually. I took the pics with my phone and made a collage on my phone too!I Have better pics I took with my phone, but I figured this collage is a lot easier to post then a bunch of separate pics! But after posting this I realized it's a bit small to I'm adding two larger sized pics so that you all don't have to squint your eyes! ! lol Well any ways....enjoy!! lol

Products I used:
Sugar Pill Mador & Tako
Ruthless Cometics Explosive palette
Kat Von D tattoo eye liner in Tropper
Nars Oaisis Blush
Mac Heartless Lipstick

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ruthless Cosmetics

Happy December everyone!! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
So in this blog I will be showing you swatches of a Ruthless Cosmetics palette I recently purchased! And of course a mini review at the end!

The Explosive Quad Palette cover. There are actually a couple different designs that you can choose from. I liked the Two girls designs best. This is actually their main logo. The other designs are the Sugar skull logo and Pink hair girl logo.

The inside! Ok the lighting here isn't that great so the colors don't look quite as bright as they do in real life! lol sorry about that!

Swatches: I don't know if these colors have any actual we will just call them red, yellow, orange and purple! lol

Here I useded the Yellow an Orange colors

And Here I am Your hostess with the mostest! lol =)

Here I used the Red color from the palette along with Tako from Sugar pill and Urban decay Grease slick. Don't have a full smiley face pic of me, because when I took these I was hella tired from work, and didn't feel much like smiling! lol

So my thoughts on the palette...It's decent. I wish the yellow was a bit more vibrant. Felt like I had to keep applying it to get it show just right. The colors are very nice though, and in the end I am happy with my palette. The price was very decent too! only $22! All their prices are pretty good! I want to try some of the other palettes they have, but I will have to wait for some time, because I have soooo much makeup! Plus I really need to be saving some money! lol
Be sure to check out their website! Click the link below!! And as always, Thanks for reading!!

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