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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Review Sigma Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki F80

Hello all you beauties! Ok So I need to do a review on my lovely Sigma F80 Kabuki brush. I did in fact get it for free for being in the affiliate program! But this is my honest opinion about the brush. 

I got this brush a little over 2 months ago, and have had more than enough time to decide weather I like it or not. And let me say, I don't just like it..I LOVE it! Seriously! I have been using it to apply my face primer as well as my foundation. It blends my foundation excellently and give my face an all over smooth and flawless look. I don't have to worry about going over areas to re-blend. I even use it to help blend in my concealer. It buffers the product right in and my skin looks so beautiful and flawless after using it. The handle is long but comfortable to use. The bristles are really soft and are thick and dense. It is very easy to clean, but seems to take a little longer to dry. I usually wash my brushes out at night and with in a few hours or the next morning they are dry. Because the bristles are so thick, it does take  a little longer to dry. So when I need it to dry quicker, I simply rub it in a circular motion on a towel to help speed the drying process, and this usually does the trick! The softness of the bristles is important to me, because I don't want to my brush to be scratching my face! These bristles are so soft, it kind of reminds me a little bunny tail! hehe =) Another great thing about this brush...It doesn't shed!! Even after washing, I haven't had one bristle fall out! No bristles on my face, or in my sink=two thumbs up! Over all this brush is great for applying liquid products, especially foundation! If you want a flawless, all over smooth and even application, then you have to get this brush! It's a steal at only $16! You can get it for yourself, or even as a gift for someone else! Click the link below to check it out for yourself!
I love all of my sigma brushes and I just know you will love them too! ! can't wait to get more brushes and build my collection!  

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!
♥ Krystale ♥ 

Hiiii There!! ♥

Hi there lovelies! So I have again been MIA...I apologize yet again! I've been so busy ever since I started school! It's been work then school, work then school, work then school! And When I'm not working or have school, I'm either sleeping because I'm so tired, or studying for a quiz! But I am happy to say that I am totally enjoying school! I love it so much! It's my happy time! I really do look forward to it every day! I'm so eager to finish work and get out so I can get to school! lol 

Oh by the way....I finally have  a new banner!! yay! Isn't it purdy! Simple and sweet! My boyfriend made it for me! No more blog about nails! lol

Well I wanted to post  a few pics from my Sis in laws photo shoot where I did her makeup! She did a great job at the shoot! It was her first time modeling, and she was a natural! Shes so beautiful! See for yourself!! 

Isn't she gorgeous! I was so proud of myself and her too! yay!! hehe
Well thats all for this post! Got another one coming up soon! So stayed tuned! 
Thanks for reading!! 

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