My admirers <3

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This weeks Nail decor!!

Well peeps!! Well this week, I am very proud of my nails!! =) I think they came out GREAT!!

I did a very lovey pink french with black and clear stars!

And here are my lovely lil squishy toes!! =)

Put some White starts with some random white line strokes! The stars are just sickers! >_<

Sooooooooooooo....What do you think??!! I am super duper proud!! ^_^

Well, see you next time!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day! <3

Happy Valentines Day every one!! Here are my V-day designs!! yay!! =) Hope the pics look a little more decent! I Kinda had a hard time drawing hearts. =\

Tada! Traditional White french! With some hearts, & heart rhinestones! <3
My right hand doesn't look as greats =( I'm not very good at painting with my left hand yet. I'm getting better, but I still need more practice!!

Well hope you all liked my nails!! Have a wonderful valentines day! Please feel free to comment!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sandy beach design and blue toes!

Here's my lateset nail work! I call it sandy beach! Cuz my boyfriend said the color looks like the color of sand! =)
Please forgive me again for the POOR quality of the picture. =(
There are star rhinestones and circle rhinestones on the nails.I put a gold glitter top coat over the color, so it looks kinda sparkley!

These are my toes!! hehe. Can't really see the design...but it really does look nice!