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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sephora haul and quick review!

Hi beauties!! Ok so I haven't splurged on makeup in awhile so I took the plunge yesterday! I needed to pick up a couple staple items and also decided to grab a little more! 
So heres what I got! 
UD All nighter spray, UD Check tint in Flesh, UD 25/7 glide eyeliner in Zero, Kat Von D Truth palette, Kat Von D tattoo concealer

The all nighter spray and eyeliner were my staples which I just needed to get again, so I won't be posting pics on them. I will say that I love my UD all nighter spray! It really helps my makeup last all day/ and night. Well at least up to about 16 hours, like stated on the bottle! =)
So the other products were all new for me,so let me introduce you to them! 

This is the UD Cheek ting, in Fetish. Sorry I don't have a swatch! But it's a very sheer light rosey pink. It's very pretty and not to drastic!
Kat Von D Truth Palette. I love the look of this palette! 

The colors are gorgeous! And this seems to be the only palette without leather in it!! lol Again sorry no swatches!  
Kat Von D Tattoo concealer

I chose the color almond for my skin tone
Now I literally did buy this concealer to test it out on a tattoo and see how well it concealed it. The formular is pretty thick, so a little does go a long way. Some may need to apply more if needed. It is also water proof, so no smudging on your clothes! 
Ok here I am before my application. I wanted to test it out on my Puerto Rican lips tattoo

And Here I am after!
Now you can't really see my tattoo too much, but it's not completely covered. It's still some what visible, maybe not as much, but you can see it. So after a few layers of this stuff I was quite disappointed. So I went to good ol Youtube and looked for any videos on it. Come to find out, I was totally missing a step! oh just my luck!! Apparently there is a pencil called the Tattoo eraser, also by Kat Von D, which is used to outline your tattoo prior to your concealer application to help neutralize the blue and purple hues on tattoos. No wonder it didn't cover it so great! lol And one of the girls that did a vid, also suggested using a color one shade lighter than your own. hmmmm? Never thought about that. I kinda think the color I chose might have been a shade too dark for me actually! lol
So at first my review of this product, was ehhh it's alright, but I'm not sure I can stick with that same opinion, since I totally missed a step! So I actually will be returning the concealer to Sephora. I didn't really need it, I just wanted to see if it would really work. If it did, then I would keep it. Now If I do need it later on down the line,say for work or something, then I will repurchase it, ALONG with the tattoo eraser pencil! I'll give it another shot!!  haha 

I'm trying to keep up with my post as much as I can! I start school next week Monday, so I hope I can still manage to keep up! Thanks for reading! 

♥ Krystale ♥


Stacy Michelle said...

I just posted a look that I did using the Truth palette. I love her palettes so much.Let me know what you think of the concealer.
I've been meaning to try it but I never end up purchasing it.

I love the UD All Nighter spray.

Enjoy your goodies.

Vintage Makeup said...

I love the packaging of the Truth palette! Great haul.

Michelle said...

Love how you demonstrated the concealer! It's pretty good coverage! :)

Jen Daiker said...

Such fabulous goodies you snagged!!! Love your blog it's gorgeous and!!!

Y said...

I am dying to get that concealer! Was it expensive? :/ I have to do some research :)
Good luck with your new school year!