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Sunday, January 11, 2009


As promised, I have some pictures to post of my nail work! I wish I had started taking pictures sooner. I've done quite a few designs on my first. But I guess I gotta start fresh and new! so Here ya are! Some pics! Oh! Sorry they aren't too clear, because I took them with my phone! n_n
My camera batter is charging as we speak, so I'll take a better picture of my nails soon!!

This is my first nail art design on a false nail!

Next is my first fill on my own nails! Along with a design! French tip Purple!

Now I have my most recent nail fill and design: French tip Pink! yea I like french!

I also did matching toes! Well color wise it matches! (geez..My fingers look stubby! )

And there you have it! First pictures of my nail work! More to come as I do my own nails!! i also have to post a picture of my friends nails! I did a full set for her. It turned out okay. With more practice I know it will eventually come out GREAT!!

I've ordered a few things online to help me, so I can do nails even better! Hopefully they will come in handy!
well till I post again!.....hasta Luego!

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