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Friday, January 9, 2009

First post!

Omg!! My first post!! yay! =)
Well I just finished doing my nails! yay! Wait...let me start from the begining...

I am learning, all on my very own, to do my own acrylic nails! I've watched the ladies in the salon do it long enough, that I started wanting to just do them my self. I went to the beauty supply shop with my boyfriends mom, and got me some supplies. My first try at a full set was for my friend. which wasn't too bad for my first set! But It was obvious I could use some more practice! So next I did my own fill. Which came out pretty nice! I even did designs on all of my nails! Granted it took me like 3 hours! That was for my toes and my nails!
Tonite I finished yet another fill for myself. I did a french pink with glitter and some stars type stickers on the french part. After I put the stars all on I kinda wanted to take them off. I wasn't too satisfied with them. I had made up my mind to take them off. So i started to pull one off, and my polish came off with it! ahhhh! o_O That was going to take too long to take off and then re-paint my french! Forget it! so I left the stars. I guess the more I look at them , the better they look! =)
This second fill came out way better! I'm very proud of myself!! I do hope to maybe go to school so that I can learn to them properly. I was planning to go this year for cosmetology, but things in my life changed a bit, so I've decided to put it off for a bit. I was soooo excited to go too! I took a tour of the school, talked to the principal and was all set to get a loan! But it's probably best I wait it out. I can't afford to quit my job, and I don't think they would let me go part time right now. Why not? Well because I'm a supervisor, and yea, those positions are usually full time! And I don't know if I will be able to find a part time too easily right now in these hard economic times! I know school will be there. I wanted to do cosmetology, because it seemed like it would be fun to learn it all. Hair, nails, make up, skin! But when the time comes I may just settle for the nails course. I know how to do make up. Hair seems fun to do. I'm not super interested in it, but It something I wouldn't mind learning. And skin is always something good to know more about! In time, we will see what it is I will really do. Ha! I have even considered being a teacher for like preschool and kindergarten! Guess the cosmetology seemed more fun and exciting. =)

Well it's late and I have work tomorrow morning. I'll take pictures of my nails today and post them up soon! I even have my first nail sample with a design on it! hehe! yay me!

Good night!

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