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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Change in type of blog!

Well...I need to really update my blog! Since currently it says its a blog about nails..which it WAS..until now! lol Don't get me wrong, I still love nail, and nail art and design..but my real passion is with MAKEUP! It's so wired how it took me quite some time to figure that out! I mean I was always buying makeup, and looking at makeup, and doing my own makeup all diffrent kind of ways! Guess it just didn't click in! I"m glad to finally know what makes me happy in life! I can't wait to make it a career! I'm excited for school! I've been putting it off for for too long and I can't keep doing that! I must push foward! I'm going to do like Nike and... JUST DO IT!! haha
Well I will do my very best to post up my makeup pics whenever I can! I post them quite often on my FB, so be sure to add me!

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